Arabic for father

father – maskulinum singular

The Arabic word for father is pronounced 'ab and written ﺃَﺏ.

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Category: relationships
Part of speech: noun.

Using the word father

Important letters:
The root of the word father consists of the three Arabic letters alef that is written ﺍ and pronounced , beh that is written ﺏ and pronounced b och waw that is written ﻭ and pronounced w. Words with the same root letters are often related.

All letters in father

alif hamza
The Arabic word for father consists of: The letter alif hamza that is written ﺃ and pronounced '. The short vowel a that is written as the sign َ above the letter. The letter beh that is written ﺏ and pronounced b. Therefore, the word is writen ﺃَﺏ and pronounced 'ab.
Arabic is written from right to left. Short vowels are placed above or under the letters, the are usually omitted.
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