The time 16:55 in Arabic


السّاعَةُ الخَامِسَةُ إِلَّا خَمسَ دَقَائِقٍ

as-saa3atu al-khaamisatu 'illaa khamsa daqaa'iqin

The time 16:55 in Arabic is written السّاعَةُ الخَامِسَةُ إِلَّا خَمسَ دَقَائِقٍ .
The pronunciation is as-saa3atu al-khaamisatu 'illaa khamsa daqaa'iqin

This Arabic time expression literally means the 5th hour except 5 minutes
Below, I go through the details of the time expression.

as-saa3atu = the clock
السّاعَةُ (pronounced as-saa3atu) means the clock
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al-khaamisatu = the 5th
الخَامِسَةُ (pronounced al-khaamisatu) means the 5th.
It is a sequence number, that obviously refers to the 5th hour.

'illaa = except
The particle إِلَّا (pronounced 'illaa) means the except.

khamsa = 5
خَمسَ (som uttalas khamsa) betyder 5.
It refers to the number of minutes (5) remaining until the next hour (the 5th).

دَقَائِقٍ (pronounced daqaa'iqin) means minutes. That is plural of (daqiiqa) which means minute.
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