Arabic patterns

Active participle

Active participle often describe an action or someone that perfors an action (like driver and poet).

Passive participle

Passive participle often describe a person or thing that is subject to an action (like lucky and organized).

Verbal noun (verbform 2 - 10)

Verbal nouns describe an action, just like verbs, but without the time perspective. For example words like competition and usage are verbal nouns.

Verbal noun

Many of the most common words (like big and beautiful) are verbal nouns form 1.

Time and place noun

Place and time nouns are easy to recognize since they start with the prefix ma.

Instrument noun

Instrument nouns are very easy to recognize because they begin with mi.


Most colors have the same pattern.


Nisbah is a pattern to create adjectives by adding the suffix iyy in the end.

Artificial verbal noun

Artifical verbal nouns ends with the suffix iyya and therefore look like nisbah adjektives in feminine singular.


Many arabic words for professions follow the same pattern.


Verb (verbform 1)

Verbs with the most simple pattern: a short vowel after each root consonant.

Verb (verbform 2 - 10)

Verbs with form 2 and higher have a more distinct meaning than verbs with form 1.