Arabic words

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Active participles

This type of words often describe an action or someone that perfors an action (like driver and poet).

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Passive participles

This type of words often describe a person or thing that is subject to an action (like lucky and organized).

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Verbal nouns (form 1)

Many of the most common words (like big and beautiful) are found within this category.

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Verbal nouns (form 2 - 10)

This type of words are often used for words that describe an actions (like competition and usage).

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Verbs form 1

Verbs with the most simple pattern: a short vowel after each root consonant.

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Verbs form 2 - 10

These verbs have often a more distinct meaning than verbs with form 1.

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Colours, instrumental nouns etc.

Word for colours, tools, places, professions etc. have a pattern that is distinct and easy to recognize.

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Words with no pattern

Many of the most common words (like "and" and "not") are short and do not have any pattern.

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