Marry me!

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 Marry me!
A woman and a man sat in a cafe. The two drank mint tea and smoked and discussed their future. The dense smoke rose in the air, which was hot and vibrant like their feelings.
He said: Marry me! I will make you happy.
She said: How?
He said: I am good at cooking.
She said: I talked to your first wife, who divorced you nine years ago. She said that you are useless at cooking.
He said: But I am an artist in bed. I will make your passion explode. I will kiss you a thousand times without getting tired.
She said: You are lazy in bed according to your second wife.
He said embarrassed: Let us change the subject. I am interested in your thoughts and not your body.
She said: You never listened when your third wife talked about her feelings. You closed your two ears when she opened her mouth.
He said: Forget about the past! I am faithful.
She said: You are unfaithful. You were unfaithful to all your former wives.
He said: Be merciful! I will write to you poems that take you to the borders of the sun.
She said: You have stolen your words from famous poetry.

Learn Arabic with the Arabic text Marry me! by Anna Enbom.

Voices: Fayha Stete (the woman), Yamen Al-Tnnary (the man), George Mosa Dosh (the narrator). Sound engineer: Yamen Al-Tnnary.