the truck driver

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 the truck driver
saa'iqatu ashshaaHinati
ﺳَﺎﺋِﻘَﺔُ ﺍَﻟﺸَّﺎﺣِﻨَﺔِ
When I saw her, she was getting into lorry.
– Oh madame, take me with you!
– Where are you going?
– Anyway, far from here.
She started driving. The road was uneven. The lorry was shaking. The wrinkled skin beneath her chin was shaking. Her hair was gray. Her eyes were two wells of wisdom.
– You seem sad, why?
– I am a widower. I live alone with my daughter. I am poor and ugly.
I looked out through the lorry window. I saw mountains, rocks, sand and dry grass. Everything beige like potatoes.
– What do you want?
– A lot of money. The women want to marry beautiful business executives. For that I will do anything. Even if I had to commit i crime.
– Well... I drive a shipment of drugs. Do you want to sell it with me?
I imagined my future. The women will be impressed by my money. I will eat all delicious food except potatoes. But my daughter ... She does not care about money.
– I refuse to sell drugs!
The driver smiled and returned. The mountains were glistening in the sunlight. We arrived at my house. I saw the lorry. It was loaded with thousand wonderfully fragrant oranges.
– You are welcome! Take! Your daughter likes fruit.

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Voices: George Mosa Dosh (the man), Merill Mareke (the truck driver). Sound engineer: Yamen Al-Tnnary.