winter hibernation

The Arabic phrase winter hibernation is pronounced subaatu ashshitaa'i and written ﺳُﺒَﺎﺕُ ﺍَﻟﺸِّﺘَﺎﺀِ

The Arabic words in winter hibernation

Below you can see detailed information about every word in the Arabic phrase winter hibernation. You can see the English translation of the word, how the word is spelled and pronounced and how the word has been conjugated in the phrase. There is also a link to get even more information about the word.


Pronounciation: subaatu
English translation (of the word in its basic form): slumber
Part of speech: noun
case: nominative
definiteness: definite form (beginning of an idafa contruction)
gender: masculine

The base form of the word slumber

(singular, indefinite, no case)


Pronounciation: ashshitaa'i
English translation: winter
Part of speech: noun
case: genetive
definiteness: definite form
gender: masculine
The word has genitive case since it is the owner of an an idafa contruction)

Type of phrase: Idafas

An idafa Construction is used to express genitive (owning) in Arabic.