Khaled travelled, he was sad.

The Arabic phrase Khaled travelled, he was sad. is pronounced saafara khaalidun Haziinan and written ﺳَﺎﻓَﺮَ ﺧَﺎﻟِﺪٌ ﺣَﺰِﻳﻨﺎً

The Arabic words in Khaled travelled, he was sad.

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to travel

Pronounciation: saafara
English translation: to travel
Part of speech: verb
person: he
tense: past tense

immortal, Khaled

Pronounciation: khaalidun
English translation: immortal, Khaled
Part of speech: name


Pronounciation: Haziinan
English translation (of the word in its basic form): sad
Part of speech: adjective
case: accusative
definiteness: indefinite form
gender: masculine
Accusative has many usages. Among others, it is used for the object in a verbal sentence. It is also used to express time an dplace. It is also used as predicative to incomplete verbs like kaana.

The base form of the word sad

(singular, indefinite, no case)

Type of phrase: Complete sentence

A complete sentence. The sentence contains a verb, but there are also complete Arabic sentences without any verb.