The Arabic phrase forklift is pronounced raafi3atun shawkiyyatun and written ﺭَﺍﻓِﻌَﺔٌ ﺷَﻮﻛِﻴَّﺔٌ

The Arabic words in forklift

Below you can see detailed information about every word in the Arabic phrase forklift. You can see the English translation of the word, how the word is spelled and pronounced and how the word has been conjugated in the phrase. There is also a link to get even more information about the word.


Pronounciation: raafi3atun
English translation (of the word in its basic form): crane
Part of speech: noun
case: nominative
definiteness: indefinite form
gender: feminine

The base form of the word crane

(singular, indefinite, no case)


Pronounciation: shawkiyyatun
English translation: prickly
Part of speech: adjective
case: nominative
definiteness: indefinite form
gender: feminine

Type of phrase: Noun + adjective phrases

This phrase consists of a noun (crane( and an adjective (prickly) that describes the noun. The adjective follows the noun i definiteness, gender and number. (Plural of living things are considered feminine singular in Arabic.) I use the nominative case since that is the default case, but when you use this word combination in a sentence you select the case that is correct in that sentence.