The cup reader

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famuhaa marsuumun kaal3unquudi
ﻓَﻤُﻬَﺎ ﻣَﺮﺳُﻮﻡٌ ﻛَﺎَﻟﻌُﻨﻘُﻮﺩِ
fii alHubbi ... 3alaa Haddi alkhanjari
wataZulla Haziinan kaaSSafSaafi
ﻭَﺗَﻈُﻞَّ ﺣَﺰِﻳﻨﺎً ﻛَﺎَﻟﺼَّﻔﺼَﺎﻑِ
watuHibba malaayiina almarraati ...

Translation - The cup reader

The cup reader

She sat with fear in her eyes.
She contemplates my cup, that was turned upside own.
She said:
My son... your love is written.
My son,
he dies as a martyr
the one who dies dies in the faith of his beloved.
Your cup is a scary world
and your life is travels and wars...
You will love a lot, my son.
And you will die a lot, my son.
You will love all women on Earth...
and return as the defeated king.
In your life,my son, there is a woman.
Her eyes, praise the lord!
Her mouth is painted like the grape.
Her laughter is music and roses.
But your sky is rainy...
And your path is blocked... blocked.
And the love of your heart... my son
is sleeping in a guarded castle.
The castle is big my son
and dogs guard it... and soldiers.
And the princess of your heart is sleeping...
Whoever tries to enter her chamber is lost...
The one who asks for her hand..
Anyone approaching the wall around her garden... is lost.
Anyone trying to untangle her braids...
my son...
is lost... lost.
I have seen... and I have foreseen.
But I... have never read
a cup similar to yours.
I have never known my son
sorrows similar to yours.
Your destiny... to continue forever
in love... on the edge of a dagger.
And remain alone like the mussels.
And remain sad as the willow trees.
Your destiny is to continue forever...
in the sea of love without sails.
And to love millions of times...
and return as a mad king.

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