Learn Arabic with films and series

Watching movies and cartoon is not just entertainment and relaxation, it's also a great way to learn Arabic. Here are my best tips.

Arabic films

One of the advantages of reading Arabic is all the movies that I might not have seen otherwise. Before I started reading Arabic, I never looked at movies with Arabic speech. Then I started to choose Arabic movies just to get better in the language, and many of them became my favorites.

Since people in the Arab world speak dialect everyday, the films are also in dialect. If you want to learn a certain Arabic dialect, it is a good idea to watch films from that particular dialect area.

Arabic cartoons

If you want to learn Modern Standard Arabic, cartoon for children. In cartoons, everyone speaks Modern Standard Arabic, unlike dubbed drama series where dialects are more common.

My favorite among the cartoon series is Sinbad. I like it so much that I have created a page with all the sections of Sinbad's adventure. Visit it and see the sections translated into English and a link to each of the sections.

After Sinbad, my second favourite is Nils Holgersson. The series about nils Holgersson is known and popular in the Arab world, which delight since I am Swedish just like Nils. I like the old-fashioned feeling, and the combination of beautiful Swedish landscapes and the beautiful Arabic language.

Neither Sinbad nor Nils Holgersson have subtitles, unfortunately. A cartoon that do have subtitles is Tales of women in Quran. The speach is clear and in Modern Standard Arabic, which makes the series suitable for learning Arabic. I want to be state clearly, however, that I merely recommend the series as a resource for learning Arabic. This site is religiously independent and does not favour any religion. Having that said, I would also like to mention the series about Muslim Scientists that also has clear speech and English subtitles.

An Arabic short film

Finally, I would like to recommend the short film The Turtle that is available on YouTube with English subtitles. A boy sees a turtle that is almost dying, with a plastic bag in the stomach, and decides to do something about our use of plastics. The film is from 2012 and takes place in United Arab Emirates.