About arabic.fi

This is the website I wish I had when I started learning Modern Standard Arabic.

When I started learning Arabic, I wanted to learn the Arabic letters at the same time as I learned new words. But since Arabic letters connect, and have different shapes depending on the placement in the word, it is not super easy to distinguish each letter in a word. Therefore, you when you visit the page for a word, you can see a picture showing how the word is built by the letters, and links to the letters.

When I read Arabic poems and song lyrics, I don't just want to know the translation, but I want to know each of the words and their grammar so I advance in Arabic as I explore the culture. But when words are declined and cojugated, letters are often added and sometimes removed, so it is not certain that translation tools and dictionaries will recognize it. Therefore, when you visit the page for a sentence, you get links to and explanations of the grammar of each of the words in the sentence. And when you read a poem, you get a link to the page for each sentence.

My plan is to constantly extend this website with new words and phrases as well as new features. My goal is to make it at least as comprehensive as its Swedish counterpart which has games, more lessons and more words.

I thank freearabicdictionary.com for letting me use their sound recordings.

If you have any questions, feedback or wish to contribute to this site or cooperate, please contact me at info@arabic.fi.

How to use arabic.fi

Read any of our poems and you will find an eye symbol next to each sentence. Click it and you'll come to a page with more information about that sentence.

All our sentences and phrases has a listing of its words and their grammar. Next to most words you will see the eye symbol that will take you to a page with more information about that word.

Discover that all our words har plenty of related information. The eye symbols take you to words with the same root, words with the same pattern, sentences where the word is used and each of the letters in the word.

Writing in Arabic should be easy. Visit the page for any of the Arabic letters and see the different forms of the letter and examples of words where the form is used. To visit any of those words, just click the eye symbol .